Thai Steamed Eggs

Sun, Nov 1, 2009


Ingredients are:

Soy sauce
Water or chicken stock (in case you want to make the dish more tasteful)
Scallion (chop into small pieces)
Fried garlic
Shrimp or chicken or pork or fish (Optional)
How to cook:
Before you prepare the ingredient, heat up the steamer with water in it and wait until the water is boiled.

Beat the eggs in the bowl and add up soy sauce, water or chicken stock, pepper and fried garlic and optional meat. After that stir them altogether until they are all mixed well.

When the steamer is boiled, place the bowl into the steamer. Heat up the heat to medium level and wait until the egg is cooked.

Take out the bowl when it’s cooked, put the scallion on the top and serve with the hot steaming rice.

Thai Steamed Eggs

Thai Steamed Eggs

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